Hi! I’m Chloe,

Those people up there are my family and I; my awesome, loud, super fun family! We also have 2 large dogs and a teeny tiny rabbit. In my spare time I love to garden, read, draw, paint, crochet and clean up after my kids…. All kidding aside, I have really awesome kids who (luckily for me) love being in front of my lens! My husband, Rene, is my best friend and my favorite assistant!!

Each new photoshoot becomes my new favorite and my goal is to amaze my clients with the vision I have and put to life through my art. I have a natural, airy, comfortable style of photography; I capture your real moments. I am the one you’ll see laying on the ground to get an amazing blue sky behind a bride and groom as they dance in a field, or the one barefoot climbed up on a 1964 Corvair car to get a picture through the sunroof! Life is beautiful and I want you to feel the emotions I see every time I look through my camera; and the cherry on the cake is I want you to have fun at the same time!

I work with natural lighting and provide my clients with at home or on location photo sessions. I am a total goofball who loves kids so no matter how “difficult” you think your child will be I can guarantee you that I will have the whole family laughing and having fun!